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Readings, lectures, and workshops
in memory of
Nora Folkenflik

Nora Folkenflik was born on November 16, 1966, in Ithaca, New York. She attended the Harley School, Primrose Hill Infants' School, Top of the World in Laguna Beach, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Yale before spending four years in Europe: Berlin, Bologna, Montpellier. At Yale, she wrote for and edited a magazine of student writing; she was a gifted collagist as well as writer. She returned to live in Seattle, where she worked for universal health care and for NARAL, and was an active and much-lovedpart of her community, "shining," in Homer's phrase, there and worldwide. 1995.


HUMANITIES OUT THERE: History Workshop Funded 1999-2000
"HOT is an educational partnership between graduate students in UCI's School of Humanities and the Santa Ana Unified School District. Advanced graduate students in history and literature design curricular units in collaboration with host teachers, and conduct workshops that engage UCI undergraduates in classroom work. By involving scholars, teachers, students, and staff from several institutions in collaborative teaching and research, we aim to transform educational practices, expectations, and horizons for all participants."

Lectures and seminars on "the pursuit of pleasure, the state of the profession, and Hamlet and philosophy," by John Guillory

The Nora Folkenflik Memorial Reading
Douglas Unger, reading from his book
Looking for War and Other Stories

Humanities Core Course Fellow (co-sponsor)
Ellen Schrecker, forums, workshop, and public lecture
"Witches, Commies, and Terrorists: Political Repression in America from Salem to the Patriot Act"
Humanities Core Course Forum
Robert Miller, student forum on Arthur Miller's play and film The Crucible
Humanities Center Symposium (co-sponsor)
Fine Print: Publishing in the Shadow of Big Media
Reading by Carol Muske Dukes : fiction and poetry
Reading by Tobias Wolff : fiction
Reading by Robert Pinsky: poetry
Reading by Charles Wright: poetry

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