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Portrait of an Anglo-African of Equiano's time, either Equiano or Cugeano, servant to artist Richard Cosway (Royal Albert Memorial Museum)

Cenodoxus, as portrayed by Thomas Holtzmann (Salzburg)

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The Social Instinct and Its Consequences
: Globalization and Society

Entire fresco with clickable  identifications: http://www.newbanner.com/AboutPic/athena/raphael/nbi_ath4.html
Raphael, The School of Athens (c.1512, Vatican, Rome; detail). This detail, part of the fresco from which your Handbook cover is taken, shows Raphael himself, Euclid, Zoroaster, and Ptolemy. What other figures and fields of study do you think you may see?Click on:



Globalization and Society

HCC Honors 1B 29081





Handbook Chapter on Active Reading
with Burmese Days passages (pp. 95-105)

Archive of Textual Analysis Grids

Equiano Rhetorical Analysis Grid

Heart of Darkness Textual Analysis Grid

Laws and Orders (2001-2004):

Antigone: Argument of Definition

Cabeza de Vaca: Ethos, Logos, Pathos

Plessy and Brown: Counterargument

Odyssey Ritual and Social Order: Explication

French Revolution: Image Analysis

Nazi State Primary Sources: Comparison

Salem Witch Trials: Causal Analysis

Discovery and Exploration (1998-2001):

Rebecca: Visual Analysis

Rebecca: Dialogue Analysis

Point of View: Second Class Citizen

Cultural Contact: The Tempest, Heart of Darkness

The Tempest: Argument

The Tempest: Staging